I just sent this email and I thought it was a little funny and I wanted to share…

Twitter #hashtags the best way is to watch other people and see how they use.


I tweet for a basketball team over here so every game we have a different #hashtag so people can just follow the game feed.

Every wednesday you can ask the coach #TrevorGleeson a question

Events use a #hashtag when I have an event they are always #YTTF (Your Ticket to Freedom)

General Twitter chit chat #justsaying (when making a point) #FF people you think people should follow on fridays

Yesterday I tweeted about iPhone’s or something so i used #technology

But basically it’s up to you and sometimes a #hashtag can cut out words and reiterate a #point

These #hashtags are the anchor for search topics within #Twitter

I hope I’m not overwhelming and it makes a little bit of sense.


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