Would you like to have more Confidence to close a sale?

Freedom Tiger supports Chandell from Life Puzzle.

Sales People, Micro Business Owners, Marketing or Direct Selling Business Owners that could benefit from closing more sales please invite them to participate in this offer.  Attending this workshop will provide them with proven tools to kick start their closed sales (and understand people’s behaviours that influence buying).

Thanks for your support, Chandell

It is normally valued at $ 295 for the 2 Day event, however for a limited time tickets are on sale for just  $ 47.

The details and the link with more information is listed below and anyone who wants to register can sign up through the website via the links.  Many past participants have had excellent results from attending this event (for example one participant increased his closing ratio by 80% just by applying some of these techniques).  Over the weekend I break down and teach a methodology that helped me to grow a corporate business by 400% in just 6 Months.


Confident Closing – Strategic Sales Workshop
Do you, or the people around you have REASONS or RESULTS?

You’ve probably wondered why some people get what they want and others just get by, haven’t you?

Would you like to unlock the secrets behind why some people can communicate with anyone easily?

How about maximising your time with an educational seminar, followed by the opportunity network with some like-minded Business People?

This 2 Day Strategic Sales Training will show you how people communicate, how they make decisions and how you can present your product/service offering in a way that will assist you in accelerate your results in a very short time.


What you can expect to learn:


Do you wonder why sometimes you’re really driven, yet other times you can be anything but? Do you want to know the secrets to getting away from procrastination, to a place where you’re motivated to achieve your goals & targets?


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to always get what they want? How they can say things in a way that just make others want to jump to their service? The NLP Communication Model allows you to become a more powerful influencer and get the outcomes that you want more easily. And the best bit? These skills don’t only apply in the board room, they will also help you in your relationships!


Do you look at others achieving the results that they want and wonder why you can’t have that too? Well the truth is, you can. And that is the basis of NLP – using a process of modelling to get the same excellent results as others. Understanding NLP means that you can model any behaviour and that means you can obtain anything you set your mind to! When would now be a good time to learn more about that?


Come along and learn the skills that helped the creator of this workshop increase a business by 400% in just 6 months.


Learn more: http://www.lifepuzzle.com.au/Training_Speaking/ConfidentClosingTraining

Register my place: http://www.lifepuzzle.com.au/events/confident-closing-sales-training-25th-26th-febraury-2012



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