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This week I caught up with Fabian from Mosaic Republic. Fabian has had a really interesting journey to get to where he is now. He has always been into design and culture. Originally, Fabian and his brother used to run an import furniture company, however feeling creatively unfulfilled Fabian decided to leave the business and travel for 6 months to see where life took him.

Whilst in Italy Fabian went out on a limb and applied to study mosaic at the world-renowned mosaic and terrazzo institution Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Friuli Venezia Guilia, Italy. He was very aware that it was a long shot, the course was a three year commitment and wasn’t sure if that was personally going to work for him.

However, we know the story, much to Fabian’s surprise he got in and would spend the next three years studying in Italy, geez, tough for some!

At the completion of the course, Fabian returned to Australia. He is the only Maestro qualified mosaic artist in country. Fabian houses his art alongside other talented artists in 99 Queen St, Melbourne. He is passionate about his basement gallery but also passionate about connecting with other artists and designers to create unique mosaic projects.

Here is a little more about the studio:

Mosaic Republic is Australia’s leading gallery, importer and creator of high-end mosaic art. We present exceptional Italian and locally-made mosaics that the modern architect, interior designer, business or private client can appreciate. All of our work can be crafted to your individual needs.

We offer superior expertise and advice, and clients have unprecedented access to the best mosaic artisans and studios of Italy. Each piece is tailor-made, ensuring our clients receive a something unique. We place a very high emphasis on quality, durability and attention to detail

We ensure clients receive individual service and specific advice on how mosaics can be integrated into their homes, architectural designs, religious houses and public places.

Through individual consultations, we take you from the initial idea stage right through to the completed product. 

We design, produce and install small to large-scale mosaic projects. These include:

  • architectural projects
  • artistic mosaics for the home
  • indoor and outdoor sculptures
  • feature walls
  • kitchen splash-backs
  • outdoor garden pieces
  • personalized portraits
  • fountains and water features

to name a few…

We offer a variety of mosaic artworks for private and corporate hire, ranging from traditional to modern. We also produce mosaic floors as well as undertaking restorations.

If you want to get in touch with Fabian, or want to make an appointment to see the works please email and also check out the website


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