Why Twitter?

People always ask me “Why Twitter?”

Simply because the connections that you make ARE genuine.

Of course this wouldn’t be a very good statement if I didn’t have an example to back it up.

Saturday, I’m out and about at a CLEO Bachelor of the Year promotion at Thomas Sabo in Chadstone. I receive a DM on Twitter (for those that don’t understand a DM, it’s like an email so only you and the other person in conversation can see it).

The DM is from @thehoneybar “How good are your basketball skills? Might be playing a scratch match tomorrow at 1pm. You around?”

Brilliant, something cool and energetic to do on a Sunday afternoon. It’s not exactly the organised team that I hope to be joining but it’s good to get out on the court all the same. We played for over two hours, I was sweating and puffing like a horse in the first five minutes. We were all different skills levels, but it was great because nobody really cared about that.

The game comprised of a bunch of Twitter people. There were about twelve of us, some I have met many times and others that I was meeting for the first time. Common bond, we all knew @thehoneybar

Afterwards we all follow up with “thanks” and “great to meet you” on Twitter. And BAM just like that we all made some new friends that day.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?


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