Thank you Mark Dobson

Hello Tigers

The last Networking event that we ran on Thursday 3rd May at the Honey Bar in South Melbourne was of great success. We had a fabulous Guest Speaker in Mark Dobson, whom is brilliant at the mental preparation in people in both sport and business. He has a business, along with a friend called “Elite Thinking”. He captivated the audience with his “Best Day Thinking” module. At the events, not only do you get to listen to a great Guest Speaker, you also get to mix in a room full of like minded people. Whether you have business, a hobby or the colour of your hair in common.

We are excited to announce the Guest Speaker for the next event, Ryan Doughty. In 2003, Ryan Doughty was in a terrible gym accident that left his neck broken and his body paralyzed. Determined to avoid a dangerous surgical procedure, Ryan went against the advice of his surgeons. Instead he lay completely flat, with a sand bag placed on each side of his head to prevent movement, and allowed his neck to heal naturally. He will talk about this particular accident changed his obsession for wealth and material things into a passion for his family and seeing personal growth in others.

See Ryan speak at our next event at Honey Bar in South Melbourne on Thursday 2nd August. The event starts at 6.15pm and wraps up about 7.45pm, however, most people are generally having too much fun to leave!

We hope to see you there!

Freedom Tiger


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