They can’t all be your favourite babies!

Hello Tigers

As we are all (well most of us) aware that there are a heap of Social Media platforms out there to choose from it can sometimes get overwhelming on which to choose.

I’ll refer to a great line that a very wise man once said

“I’m holding on too tight, I’ve lost the edge” – Cougar, Top Gun

You don’t have to hold on to all your first loves in the Social Media world. It’s ok to introduce new platforms into your day and not feel guilty that you have not given one of your iPhone/Android Apps adequate attention.

I am just exploring the possibilities of Path at the moment. My boyfriend, who rarely gets excited about new platforms has jumped on board (he is a religious Instagram user), however, not a fan of Facebook so due to the recent sale he may be on Path for that reason. I am also trying out Burpple at the moment, the social food journal, which is a bit of fun when I remember to take a photo of my food before I eat it!

I also did something else a lil’ different yesterday. I put the Social Media platforms on the dock of my iPhone. Refer to picture. I wanted to test if this enriches my iPhone experience or whether not having the phone app in the bottom left hand corner really annoys me.

My  first screen on my iPhone is all about my essentials. What do I need in a hurry? With the camera from lock screen option now I don’t need it on the front page anymore. However, if I’m in the car and I love that song that is playing on the radio I need my Shazam, quick and smart.

I ask, when was the last time you did something a little bit different? Changed it up a little?

Give it a go!

Freedom Tiger



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