QR Codes – They could get you your next sale.

Hello Tigers!

I just had a fantastic social experience. And, I don’t mean the type of experience where everyone drinks and is merry… Well let’s be frank it was one of them too. More specifically I mean a social, digital, interactive experience. I was having dinner at Chocolate Buddha in Federation Square in Melbourne, amazing food, amazing cocktails, amazing wine AND amazing service.

However, I was excited to learn about the wine that I was drinking and the fact that the bottle had a QR code on it. If by now you are unaware what a QR code is then open a new browser and search for it, you will be blown away. It’s a neat piece of digital equipment if used properly, otherwise it can sometimes be a let down. In this experience it has been used to its maximum ability. I go into this restaurant excited by this wine. Naturally I want to check the QR code. When I scan it sends me straight to a cash register. Straight to check out, just add in order how many bottles you want and then check out.

That is marketing well done. People are drinking the wine, excited about the flavour and the great feeling it brings. They see QR code, they buy more wine. A perfect example of social marketing done properly.

Clapping my paws!

Freedom Tiger


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