Tweetup @ Cherry Tree Hotel

Hello Tigers!

I love it when my love of social media and my passion for networking cross over. I guess when I think about it, this happens quiet often, however last Friday night Jacqui Hine (@nogreydesign) and I had a nice little experience.

My office is based in Cremorne. If you don’t know where that is, it’s a little pocket where a large quantity of creatives dwell between Richmond and Prahran. One of these many creatives, a new company in the area were doing a little bit of ground work looking for local businesses in the area on Twitter. After following people that follow @thedesignfiles they found @nogreydesign. They got chatting, and I was lucky enough to be included into the conversation (considering that @nogreydesign and I work alongside each other and both share a love of Twitter). One thing led to the next and bam, we had set up some after Friday night work drinks at the Cherry Tree on Balmain Street.

Shortly after this arrangement was made. We realised that we REALLY don’t even know this company. They could kill us! We had no indication of who were were meeting considering the avatar is of a company logo and not a person. A couple of days before @nogreydesign thought she better check to a) see if these people were male or female and b) grab a slight indication of what they looked like. Brilliant. We were meeting two males and they have their photo on the website. Too easy.

We were early to Cherry Tree and waited anxiously, ordered ourselves some bar fries and a couple of ciders. It was a nice surprise when they walked in the door and spotted us. The two guys (James and Alex) looked completely normal, they are brothers and they both have other halves. Perfect. We can relax.

We sat for about an hour or so talking shop, sport and the fact that both our workplaces are dog friendly. I would have to say it was a positive #tweetup experience. I think we will defiantly keep in touch in the future (well they may have thought otherwise), there is great potential for a working relationship and perhaps some more after work drinks.

Thanks Miss @nogreydesign for taking the stranger #tweetup challenge with me, and of course getting me on the bandwagon.

If you are on Twitter, you should defiantly give it a go!

Learn more about @krafthaus_ here

Freedom Tiger



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