How to get a Facebook Page Ranking on Google

Today on Freedom Tiger we feature a guest post from James Richardson from Optimising.

Many people overlook performing any form of SEO on their Facebook fan pages because they see it as a purely social ground, something almost in a class of it’s own.

Despite this confusion, there are infact many different ways in which you can boost the SEO value of your fan pages, but you first have to realise that this is a whole different playing field. Many elements of the fan page which you would assume would offer you some SEO juice, such as putting your main keywords in the image title, don’t work due to Facebook scraping out these elements through their own upload procedure.

When it comes to optimising Facebook fan pages you really have to look back to the older SEO strategies of times gone by.

The most important SEO elements of your fan page is the SEO title (your page name, plus | Facebook), your

meta description (your page name, plus the short 140 character ‘about’ description of your page, plus | Facebook), and your H1 tag, which in this case is your page name at the top of your Facebook page.

A quick comment on your page name; given the SEO benefits it may be tempting to keywords stuff your page name, but you should first consider whether or not you are looking to create a brand with your page, and accompanying website. When you reply to comments on your fan page statuses your page name will always show up in full, so “Keyword, Keyword, Keyword, Name” may not be a great idea from the users point of view.

Another important element of the Facebook fan page that can be improved upon through SEO is your page status updates. The first 18 characters of each of your fan page status updates shows up as the SEO title for that updates page (click the timestamp on any update to see its individual page). These updates are kept on your fan page for at least two years, possibly more, meaning more exposure for your brand over time.

Facebook fan page notes can also be improved through on-page SEO techniques. The SEO title of each individual note is the title of the note, plus | Facebook, and the meta description is ‘page name wrote a note titled [the title of the note] plus | Facebook. Though notes aren’t used nowadays as much as they used to be, they can still benefit from choice keywords being inserted in strategic places.

Lastly, if you really want to utilise the Facebook fan page experience fully you should add a Facebook ‘Discussion Board’ to your fan page through your page admin portal. Each topic created either by yourself or your page fans will have the topic’s name in the SEO title, bringing you some SEO juice potential without you even having to do any work yourself.

Never thought there would be so many options di you? Use these little gems in on your own Fan Pages and reap the rewards.

James Richardson is a Director of Optimising, a Melbourne SEO & PPC company.

Optimising are an ambitious, talented, and passionate about providing clients with fresh, innovative online marketing techniques.


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