Hello Tigers

I often think about how social media enriches my social experiences and can really add to an experience. Recently my boyfriend took me out for dinner at Amigos on Acland St in St Kilda. I have always been a fan of Mexican, it has been a little trickerer since crossing over to gluten free but you can still find something super yummy. Oh and who can go past the cocktails.

We normally dine at BlueCorn, on this night we thought we try something new (well @Ronny_eh had been there before but not me). To be honest the waiter that we had really made the experience. First, after I was completely overwhelmed by the cocktail menu he helped me out with my choice. He then caught me taking a photo of the cocktail so I could post to Instagram. He said “hey what are you doing there, are you on Foursquare?” I said “I was just posting to Instagram, but it will check in on Foursquare and I also post my food to @burpple”. Anyways, turns out he does the Twitter for the restraurant and I said I was fond of social media and we started chatting… as you do. I grabbed the Twitter handle and tweeted after we left.

The service was good and the food was good but we me it really was the social media experience that made the meal. From my check in on Path I was retweeted by Melbourne Picks @BestofMelbourne (1563 followers). Amigos was probably super stoked they grabbed a couple of extra followers (they only had 7 when I checked). And then, what was even better they even followed @ronny_eh and I back this morning and then said what a great pleasure it was to serve us for dinner last night. Now you can’t say that doesn’t play a major role in customer service and the overall experience for the customer?

Freedom Tiger


Amigos @AmigosAclandSt


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