Guest Speaker announced for Next Networking night!


Introducing Mark Dobson specialising in Leading and Developing Elite Talent is speaking at the next Your Ticket to Freedom at Honey Bar, South Melbourne on Thursday 3rd May, 2012!




Mosaic Republic


This week I caught up with Fabian from Mosaic Republic. Fabian has had a really interesting journey to get to where he is now. He has always been into design and culture. Originally, Fabian and his brother used to run an import furniture company, however feeling creatively unfulfilled Fabian decided to leave the business and travel for 6 months to see where life took him.

Whilst in Italy Fabian went out on a limb and applied to study mosaic at the world-renowned mosaic and terrazzo institution Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Friuli Venezia Guilia, Italy. He was very aware that it was a long shot, the course was a three year commitment and wasn’t sure if that was personally going to work for him.

However, we know the story, much to Fabian’s surprise he got in and would spend the next three years studying in Italy, geez, tough for some!

At the completion of the course, Fabian returned to Australia. He is the only Maestro qualified mosaic artist in country. Fabian houses his art alongside other talented artists in 99 Queen St, Melbourne. He is passionate about his basement gallery but also passionate about connecting with other artists and designers to create unique mosaic projects.

Here is a little more about the studio:

Mosaic Republic is Australia’s leading gallery, importer and creator of high-end mosaic art. We present exceptional Italian and locally-made mosaics that the modern architect, interior designer, business or private client can appreciate. All of our work can be crafted to your individual needs.

We offer superior expertise and advice, and clients have unprecedented access to the best mosaic artisans and studios of Italy. Each piece is tailor-made, ensuring our clients receive a something unique. We place a very high emphasis on quality, durability and attention to detail

We ensure clients receive individual service and specific advice on how mosaics can be integrated into their homes, architectural designs, religious houses and public places.

Through individual consultations, we take you from the initial idea stage right through to the completed product. 

We design, produce and install small to large-scale mosaic projects. These include:

  • architectural projects
  • artistic mosaics for the home
  • indoor and outdoor sculptures
  • feature walls
  • kitchen splash-backs
  • outdoor garden pieces
  • personalized portraits
  • fountains and water features

to name a few…

We offer a variety of mosaic artworks for private and corporate hire, ranging from traditional to modern. We also produce mosaic floors as well as undertaking restorations.

If you want to get in touch with Fabian, or want to make an appointment to see the works please email and also check out the website


Freedom Tiger

Gines inspires me with his 100km run

This past weekend I was inspired by one of my best friends and little brother, Gines. He ran the North Face 100, an 100km trail run through the Blue Mountains in NSW.

I was in his support crew. As Mike from Head to Toe Healthcare said “I think we have all ran our own North Face today”. Being in the supportive crew was no easy task either. I spent over 10 hours in the cold waiting for Gines, and majority of that time was spent in the minus degrees.

He finished the race in approx 22 hours and 45 minutes, and he hobbled through the finish. He showed his deep determination and strength, and I will forever take my hat off to him for that!

Check out the footage below of his amazing journey.

Friends that inspire…

Lately, I have realised how many musically talented friends that I have. I love listening to them when I am working at my computer. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the talent with you.

Introducing, Sheridan Smith…

My friends inspire me to achieve. I hope you enjoy.

How does a whirlwind start?

The last 3 days have been a whirlwind. On top of rolling my ankle whilst running in Lilydale on Friday, a mountain of stuff has happened on the days proceeding.

I spent Saturday night at the Bledisloe Cup game in Melbourne, Wallabies versus All Blacks. Those All Blacks really are “freaks” and they always have been. Nobody in their right mind really thought that the Wallabies could beat the All Blacks. But, in the opening minutes, Australia was given a glimmer of hope with a try. It was squashed when the All Blacks quickly put away their first try of many.

Australia could not do anything right against the flawless All Blacks, they made it look like easy clock work.

It was surprising to see the great number of Black shirts in the the crowd, these are normally flushed out with Gold. There were a lot of empty seats at half time, Australia displayed un-sportsman like conduct when half the supporters left.

The Wallabies came back with a few points late in the second half, but, it was too little, too late. The All Blacks left the Wallabies and their supporters in confusion, finishing the game on a 28 – 49 score line. There is a lot to do on the drawing board for the Wallabies before they play again on Saturday.

It was a short sleep for me on Saturday, I rose at 4.30 am to catch a 6.00 am flight to Sydney. In future that is probably not the time I pick to fly, but you have to run with the cheaper flights. I should explain that I was going to Sydney, as my client/friend, Mark Dobson was going to be on the TODAY show Monday morning with his book “Parenting Freak Ability”.

We get into Sydney at 7.30 am, and we are at the hotel by 8.00 am. We cannot check in until 2.00 pm. Wow! That is a few hours to kill…

First thing on our mind is breakfast, the task was to find somewhere that was open. We eventually found a couple of cafes on Darling Harbour, where the Sydney Boat Show was on. After breakfast, we walked some more, sat and read, and then walked some more. We found an awesome, big book shop where we spent an hour or so browsing the shelves.

Later, we checked in, freshened up and made our way out to my brothers house in the Northern Beaches for dinner. It was fantastic, I hadn’t seen one of my brothers for probably 5 years. So it was a real treat to be able to sit down with a glass of red and share a yarn.

Dinner was followed by a short sleep back at the hotel in Darling Harbour, then an early start for a radio interview, and a taxi ride to Channel 9 studios for the TODAY show. My first Greenroom experience, loved it! Although, the whole process of the Greenroom is not that exciting ( I honestly thought they would give us food), it was just fun to be in that atmosphere.

People always say that studios are way smaller than they appear on TV, but the studio WAS actually way smaller than it appears on TV. I was in heaven, I was in a real studio, with real people talking on National Television. It was a great way to start the day.

We were back on a plane to Melbourne by 11 am and ready to catch 40 winks on the flight. Not only was it my first Greenroom experience, but it was also my first overnight business trip…

That was one crazy weekend! I have hit the ground running and I think the pace is going to withstand for a while.

I hope you can join me for the ride…

I can almost say that running is fun!

I never thought I would say that running is fun.

Running 5km’s at the moment is so easy, to think that a month ago I couldn’t even run to the end of the road (granted it is up and onto hills straight away). In the bigger picture, if I am running 21km’s in October, you would hope that a 5km jog is easy.

I will miss my training buddy more than she knows when I am overseas but I will keep my eye on the prize. The only thing that makes me nervous is being on a yacht for a week and not having any flexibility in my diet or being able to run around. On the other hand, I am heading into warm weather, sunshine, which means a suntan when I come back to cold Melbourne in July!

I am all set for the flight tomorrow. When I flew over to USA in January I was jealous of the people that had special dietary requirements because they always get fed first.

I have joined the elite!

You can ring and request your dietary requirements up to 24 hours before you fly overseas, which is awesome for me because I love leaving things to the last minute. The request, no dairy, no wheat and no red meat.

Now, to pack. It’s the worst bit about going anywhere, I hate packing!


The last two days I think that I have experienced every emotion possible… except maybe euphoria.

Yesterday, I was extremely overwhelmed, I got so stressed when I couldn’t get my email to work.

On top of that I am scared about not having the options of food that I want when I go overseas. I don’t want to be as strict as I have in the last 8 weeks, but I still want the options. I want my family to support me in wanting to stay healthy and well, after all that is the reason I did Detox in the first place. Which, I must inform you that I have completed eight weeks.

I want to send a massive SHOUT out to Papa Bear, he saved my soul yesterday. My dad-dio and I have not always had the greatest relationship, but we have made a conscious effort to work our friendship. In the latter years, I have learned to appreciate his wisdom and knowledge, even though sometimes we feel generations apart.  I can honestly say that we can talk about almost anything. Yesterday he made my big problems seem manageable, I try and talk to him every week.

I am no longer viewing my eating habits as Detox, more, lifestyle changes. They are choices that will assist me to follow my career dreams.

Today I had my last Naturopath appointment until I get back from overseas. I hit a low of emotions, there were tears, which I am not proud of. But, sometimes I think that water that falls down our face allows us to take a step back, and reflect on the bigger picture.

Let us remember the good parts of our day. I bought some cute beach pants to wear on the yacht in Corfu next week. I went for an awesome run, even though I ended up with wet shoes and mud all over me. I have great friends. I have a roof over my head, heating, hot shower and food in the fridge. If that is not something to be happy about, then what’s the point?

Feel free to share the good parts of your day…

Energy Expenditure must be higher than intake to equal weight loss

A little off the topic and to the left…

We all know the simple formula to loose weight, energy expenditure must be higher than energy intake.

Detox is beautiful because you never have a day that you feel as if you have counterbalanced this formula the wrong way. Today I gave myself a get out of jail free card because it was further celebrations for my sister’s 30th. I don’t feel guilty for my day but I do feel as if my intake outweighed my energy expenditure.

I was feeling super-tired this morning after a big swim yesterday. I went for an hour long, walk/run through and around the Tan. I went shopping up and down bridge road with friends.

We shopped for Pauly, a friend of mine that never steps foot in stores. He has proceeded to live the whole time I have known him (5 years) dressing in hand-me-downs, clothes friends don’t want and presents he has received. These days he has just been wearing clothes straight out of his housemates wardrobe. Anyways, he is heading off overseas and clearly he needed a new wardrobe and some guidance on his choices. A great outing.

And then, I went to Sex and the City Gold Class with my sister. Where we had a cocktail and a chocolate tart, completely delicious.

That was 4-5 hours ago and I still am full, but slightly bloated. Anyways, this long winded explanation of my day has led me to believe that it may be easier to stay away from the toxins, which everyday gets proven even more.

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I had a strange, yet completely understandable conversation tonight.

Someone asked me, What I was Detoxing from?

I replied, no red meat, no dairy, no wheat, no potatoes, no bananas, obviously no chocolate and sweets etc AND no alcohol. I then went onto to say that I have blogged my journey and I do have some followers.

He replied, all those things that you can’t have, I love. How can a blog about NOT having any of those things be entertaining, how are people reading that?

I tried to explain that it has been more about my personal obstacles and challenges, but I guess he may have to read it for himself to see whether it entertains him or not.