Hey Tigers

There are a heap of social media platforms out there to filter through and I have been trying to find a new one that I can connect with.

Meporter has been brought to my attention.

“Say you’re driving through town and you witness news happening – an accident, a tornado, a fire or even a crime in progress. Snap a picture or record a video, create a headline and write the news story (there’s no character limit). Then, simply log into Meporter to confirm your location. Select a category for your story and in just seconds you can publish it as local news on your Facebook news feed, your Twitter account, as well as on Meporter.

Readers will see your location, comment on stories and check in as eyewitnesses. If they’re on the spot too, they can post more about the story as events unfold.”

I’ve just jumped on board and yet to share my first story, I’m feeling a little bit of pressure for the first one. However, I am excited about giving it a go and finding the “newsworthy” elements in my everyday life!

If you are already on Meporter then add me “samfreedomtiger” and let me know who you are too!

Check it out:

We hope to see you there!


Freedom Tiger





I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Drawing Book Studios. They have a large range of artists to choose from with all types of talents. Take some time to look through the website!

The Illustration studio that connects the difference in every client brief to the individuality of its illustrator.

The illustrations speak for themselves, here are a few that you may be familiar with.

Phil Holliday and Andreas Smetana make sense of nonsense

To see more of the amazing talent :

Follow on Twitter : @drawingbook

“Like” on Facebook : Drawing Book Studios