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At Freedom Tiger we love helping people out with their connections, whether it’s for business or in personal.

We introduced you to Helping Hoops a few weeks back. They run a basketball program for disadvantaged and disabled youth.

We received this email from Adam McKay at Helping Hoops earlier in the week and we thought it a great thing to share!

We love it when we can help in these circumstances.

Not sure who D-Mac is?

Go to http://helpinghoops.com.au/news/d-mack-joins-helping-hoops.html to find out more about this basketball legend!

Do you ponder? Who do you need to meet? Would love to see if we can help!

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This one is for you Humie

Strangest thing happened today.

I felt like running.

I walked out of my Aunty and Uncle’s front gates and I started running.

I understand that you may not share the same enthusiasm for this that I do. But, since I ran the Half Marathon back in October 2010, I think I have run a total of about 15km’s.

There is a few reasons for this, I didn’t have another goal so there was no motivation to run. But, I guess the biggest reason is because of the pain I put my body through to get to the starting line of the race. I was icing my knee after every run, I was having to tape my feet to avoid getting blisters every run, and if I did get blisters I had to keep training and run through the pain, I was getting massages once a week and I couldn’t sleep. It was a very interesting experience, doing all this extra physical activity but not being able to sleep to go again the next day. Leading up to the race I would wake up at 2-3am in the morning, be wide awake, I’d do an hour of work (or write) and then fall back to sleep.

I didn’t run any big feat today, probably less than 2km’s. However, I did find a rhythm early, I felt as if I could have run a lot further if I didn’t have to pick up the shopping as well as buy hairbands to get my hair out of my face.

I guess what I want to share with you is that I am astonished at my urge to go that little bit faster than a walk.

I’m exciting to see what is around the corner… who knows?


Gines inspires me with his 100km run

This past weekend I was inspired by one of my best friends and little brother, Gines. He ran the North Face 100, an 100km trail run through the Blue Mountains in NSW.

I was in his support crew. As Mike from Head to Toe Healthcare said “I think we have all ran our own North Face today”. Being in the supportive crew was no easy task either. I spent over 10 hours in the cold waiting for Gines, and majority of that time was spent in the minus degrees.

He finished the race in approx 22 hours and 45 minutes, and he hobbled through the finish. He showed his deep determination and strength, and I will forever take my hat off to him for that!

Check out the footage below of his amazing journey.

Getting it done.

I’m 4 weeks into Detox and I have a lot to report.

I have discovered that last years Detox hitting me hard, was not going to be a one off thing. Round two has also giving me a fair slap around. My Naturapath recently expressed that she hasn’t seen anyone react to Detox the way I do. What she means by this is… It turns me into an emotional wreck, I question myself and I cry. Last year I did everything I could to make it work, it was my life. This year I have made it fit into my life, but with this I haven’t given my body time to recuperate, and my sleep levels have actually decreased since commencement (it really should be the other way around). Leaving me tired and run down, need more sleep.

After 3 weeks I hadn’t lost any weight. And, I know why- too many carbs! They are the devil I tell you.

Since being alerted to the above fact, I have stepped it up a notch, I now carry nuts, celery sticks and carrot sticks around with me all the time. I have started a new fitness program at Vision Personal Training in Chapel St, and last night I completely gutted and clean out my wardrobe. See pictures below…

The key this time around is maintenance…

It was fitness testing today at Vision.

Beep Test: Level 8.2

Rower: The idea of this test id to see how far you can row in 1 minute. If you can get in the 300 metre section or close to it, you are doing pretty well. The best distance for a girl (on the whiteboard) is 299 metres, I rowed 292. Woo Hoo! Super pumped about that.

I’ll check back soon to tell you my progress.

He brings excitement to the game…

If you don’t have Twitter I fear that you may have been living under a rock for the last  24 hours, and if you do have Twitter and missed it then you must know the man to follow is Corey “Homicide” Williams, aka @chomicide.

In Perth, Homicide is the man that the fans love to hate. He created a storm this week and his reaction to the whole incident “Sumtimes the game needs pranksters. Things like this only make it fun, entertaining and memorable because the perth pussycats won’t 4get dat”.

On Thursday at practice in Perth at the Challenge Stadium is where it all started. Homicide requested a permanent marker to sign the banners of Perth players, Lisch and Martin. Homicide’s teammate, Bennis Lewis posted a photo on Twitter showing the world what he did, these photos have since been removed.

A long line of abuse and rebuttal began on Twitter, @PerthWildcats abused @chomicide, the conversation flew for hours. Homicide denied the whole thing, he accused the @PerthWildcats for alway riding his back and getting him into trouble, saying they set him up.

Everyone was talking about it on Twitter, reporters were writing about it on the internet and The West newspaper in Perth even gave the story full attention. All eyes were going to be on the Perth Wildcats and Melbourne Tigers game that would follow the stories on the Friday night.

Homicide must have got under the Perth Wildcats skin because the Tigers came out and played like champions, leading by over 20 points at one stage. It was Homicide’s 100th game, he scored 26 points and managed to silence the normally rowdy Perth crowd. Although, it was never going to be an easy game, Perth came back to level the scores in the forth quarter, but the man that loves to nail the big shots, Dazza Corletto answered with a massive three pointer.

The Tigers had sealed the deal, making it a three game winning streak for them and possibly putting the bounce in their step they need for the rest of the season. Until last night the Tigers had not beaten Perth at Challenge Stadium since 2008, and this season they had lost to the team three times.

In his post game interview, Corey “Homicide” Williams answered no questions, but instead told the viewers that he would be on Twitter after the game, look up @chomicide.

Later on Twitter, Homicide explained the whole incident.

chomicide Yardie
here we go
chomicide Yardie 

thursday we had practice and thered a banner with lisch and Martins full body on it. As u all kno I don’t respect perth bcuz they act tuff
chomicide Yardie 

So I asked for a permanent marker and autographed my signature on k lisch and d martins face.
chomicide Yardie 

They can hoop but they act tuffer than they really are. So fuk perth their crowd and every chance I get imma give it to em
chomicide Yardie 

Because they giv it to me. But they can’t take it when sum 1 gives it to them. They play dirty and lucky the game was on TV
chomicide Yardie 

The refs did a good job tonite controlling the Game. I told them I’m not gonna get into it with any1 imma play ball tonite
chomicide Yardie 

When asked about the marker incident I denied it only to raise more speculation and hype which it did just that. I knew what I was doing
chomicide Yardie 

My manager got security to clean it off but security didn’t see me do it. So he didn’t kno for sure. wild cats too sensitive like women
chomicide Yardie 

They can give it out but can’t take it. And cry and whine about it. Man the fuk up. Just do something in melb. That’s what I would have done
chomicide Yardie 

Sumtimes the game needs pranksters. Things like this only make it fun, entertaining and memorable because the perth pussycats won’t 4get dat
We know one thing for sure, Homicide makes the NBL more exciting. He is not afraid to get under the skin of the opposition. I’m just glad he is on our side and I don’t have to watch him get under the Tigers skin. Talk about excitement and raising the profile of Australian Basketball. I say to Corey, just keep doing what you are doing.