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I had red meat yesterday…

My stomach totally kicked my arse for it, I don’t think my body is quite ready for that. I do like to play with fire.

But, it was a cold, rainy day at work and I needed something to warm my stomach.

Burger and I were assigned to clean out an old container. We thought, how can we make this assignment more fun?

Army outfits, army helmets and a camera, can’t go wrong.

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Smashed out a great run this morning with Megan, she sets a keen pace, my legs got a bit of a shock. We ran around the block, it seemed shorter than I remembered it, which is always a good sign. Mud was involved, and a spot of boxing.


The last two days I think that I have experienced every emotion possible… except maybe euphoria.

Yesterday, I was extremely overwhelmed, I got so stressed when I couldn’t get my email to work.

On top of that I am scared about not having the options of food that I want when I go overseas. I don’t want to be as strict as I have in the last 8 weeks, but I still want the options. I want my family to support me in wanting to stay healthy and well, after all that is the reason I did Detox in the first place. Which, I must inform you that I have completed eight weeks.

I want to send a massive SHOUT out to Papa Bear, he saved my soul yesterday. My dad-dio and I have not always had the greatest relationship, but we have made a conscious effort to work our friendship. In the latter years, I have learned to appreciate his wisdom and knowledge, even though sometimes we feel generations apart.  I can honestly say that we can talk about almost anything. Yesterday he made my big problems seem manageable, I try and talk to him every week.

I am no longer viewing my eating habits as Detox, more, lifestyle changes. They are choices that will assist me to follow my career dreams.

Today I had my last Naturopath appointment until I get back from overseas. I hit a low of emotions, there were tears, which I am not proud of. But, sometimes I think that water that falls down our face allows us to take a step back, and reflect on the bigger picture.

Let us remember the good parts of our day. I bought some cute beach pants to wear on the yacht in Corfu next week. I went for an awesome run, even though I ended up with wet shoes and mud all over me. I have great friends. I have a roof over my head, heating, hot shower and food in the fridge. If that is not something to be happy about, then what’s the point?

Feel free to share the good parts of your day…

Energy Expenditure must be higher than intake to equal weight loss

A little off the topic and to the left…

We all know the simple formula to loose weight, energy expenditure must be higher than energy intake.

Detox is beautiful because you never have a day that you feel as if you have counterbalanced this formula the wrong way. Today I gave myself a get out of jail free card because it was further celebrations for my sister’s 30th. I don’t feel guilty for my day but I do feel as if my intake outweighed my energy expenditure.

I was feeling super-tired this morning after a big swim yesterday. I went for an hour long, walk/run through and around the Tan. I went shopping up and down bridge road with friends.

We shopped for Pauly, a friend of mine that never steps foot in stores. He has proceeded to live the whole time I have known him (5 years) dressing in hand-me-downs, clothes friends don’t want and presents he has received. These days he has just been wearing clothes straight out of his housemates wardrobe. Anyways, he is heading off overseas and clearly he needed a new wardrobe and some guidance on his choices. A great outing.

And then, I went to Sex and the City Gold Class with my sister. Where we had a cocktail and a chocolate tart, completely delicious.

That was 4-5 hours ago and I still am full, but slightly bloated. Anyways, this long winded explanation of my day has led me to believe that it may be easier to stay away from the toxins, which everyday gets proven even more.

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Was it worth it?

Last night I got frocked up. A Cooper St dress, my outfit from Spring Carnival last year, it always makes me feel good about myself. Big, gold earrings and bling on my fingers. Finished with a pair of deep-purple, high heel shoes. I felt amazing and ready to face the world.

It was the Annual Victorian Showjumpers Ball. The occasion gets us all out of our jodhpurs, into frocks and suits. It’s a great social night that we get to spend away from the usual trucks that we usually catch up  in. It is also a great excuse for us all to have a drink, or twenty, together, being merry and dancing the night away.

I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, and it didn’t even phase me.

I was still merry and I still danced the night away. I suspect that it may take me less than half the time to recover than most of my friends.

I spent the night in that temptation, and it was easy. But, today I folded.

Was it worth it?

Defiantly not, but I haven’t beat myself up about it like I usually would. I am human and I may slip now or then.

I caved into the chocolate chip and macadamia cookie from the Yarra Glen Bakehouse. It tasted amazing, and I lingered on every bite. About half way through I felt like it was too much for my stomach and realised in hindsight that I didn’t need it. I guess it was a want.

Detox has given me skills to live a healthier life. I know that if I eat the chicken salad, I am going to feel way better than if I eat the chicken parma. I know that if I eat a sweet, it never is as satisfying as I originally thought it would be. I know that I can run 7km’s without much training, because my body doesn’t have to deal with toxins and I know that my skin looks beautiful.

I am apoligising in advance my next slip up this week, then hopefully I won’t feel as guilty. I bought “Sex and the City” Goldclass for my sister for her 30th. I can’t very well go see a “Sex in the City” movie without having a cocktail from my recliner chair.

A quiet, foggy, cold morning…

I have been totally busy this week.

Amongst other exercise, I managed to smash out a massive run yesterday.

Picture this…

A quiet road, 6.30 am, its still dark out and there is a thick layer of fog over the ground. I had a trusty friend by my side and we set out for a run around a block. The run may have only been 4.5 kilometres long, but, there is nothing like a massive hill to make your body think it has run 10km!

We ran along the road, quickly jumping to the side when a car was near. There wasn’t much of a warm up on the flat before we came upon the hill. It wasn’t straight up, but it was LONG and winding. I could hear Sarah saying “one metre ahead, one metre ahead”, I was saying “Come on, Sammy”. We were in our own worlds.

We made it, giving each other the knuckles at the top. We were in pain, but, the beautiful thing when you reach the top of a hill, you get to come back down again.

We jumped the fence to get back into our property and ran down the hill. Time check, 7.10am. A great way to start a Thursday morning, running with a great friend on a freezing cold morning, on the roads in the outskirts of Trafalgar, Victoria.

You know who you are!

I just wanted to send a SHOUT out to my exercise buddy!

She is amazing!

I am looking forward to all the training for the 21 km’s in October.

What’s hard work when there is someone next to you holding your hand?


I have two weeks until I go overseas for my cousins wedding and a bit of travel.

I have two weeks left on my Detox, which will make it a total of 8 weeks (despite having a couple of drinks last Friday)

I had an appointment with my Naturopath this morning, we talked about the challenges that will arise for me overseas when I come off Detox.

I have to keep in mind that I feel fit and healthy due to the Detox. Do I really want to reverse all that?

I was reminded today why I started the Detox in the first place, to get healthy and try to minimize sickness. Keeping in good health through a stressful time in my life has enabled me to fight those sicknesses that I usually get. I have not been completely drained by unhealthy food and alcohol.

Whilst overseas, I will face a whole new bag of challenges. But, I now have strategies to overcome them. First, I am going to enjoy the next two weeks and hold onto the fact that all my food choices are already made for me.

Whilst I am overseas, the 21 kilometres that I will be running in October, may be a great motivator to stay healthy!

I felt good when I left the house this morning, so I wanted to document it!

Thank you Mr. Wolf

The legs are not feeling the freshest today.

I expect that since my new running partner and I decided that we are going to do the half marathon, they may be a few more days like this one. My basketball game that I just played felt slightly slow motion, it took a little while for my legs to register direction changes.

Dinner, last night, I have to send a massive shout out to Mr Wolf in St Kilda. It was my sisters 30th, so it was her choice of venue. The meal was the least stressful I have ordered since I have been on Detox.

Apparently, they are part of the celiac foundation or something. Anyways, they get strange orders coming through the doors all the time. My order was as follows, a gluten free pizza base with tomatoes, onion, eggplant, mushroom and pumpkin. No cheese on top. Mr Wolf took it in their stride. So whether you are dieting, detoxing, gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant, then Mr Wolf is the place to go for a good, wood-fire pizza.

Can’t let a little rain stand in our way!

I ran for a continuous 20 minutes yesterday!

Obviously for those of you out there that are accustomed to running, this is nothing. But, I have always believed that a body built for running was something I was not blessed with. However, it can be a learned and practiced.

I explored the streets of North Melbourne, and it felt great. It was a mostly flat environment, I was more worried about the confusing roads and getting myself lost.

Today, a new day. The weather, not so good.

No excuses, I start exercise with a new buddy today. She knows who she is! get excited!