Hash when appropriate

Hello Tigers! 

I love Social Media, but what I love more about Social Media is when people truly embrace it.

It’s great that people are getting involved with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Path and more, more, more…

However, I strongly urge people to talk the right language on the platform that they are posting to. It’s extremely damaging for a brand to post a tweet with hashtags and then let it automatically feed to Facebook. Hashtags are for Twitter so you can follow a specific topic, conversation or sporting match. Twitter handles are for internal conversation to users in both Twitter and other sites such as Instagram. As far as business is concerned, it’s not a good look for your followers and potential clients/customers if they can see that you are being lazy and not taking Social Media seriously but doing a double up ALL THE TIME from Twitter to Facebook. 

You will have users that follow you on both platforms and you have to be aware of this when posting. If it is general news that could be applied to both sites, then do a generic post. On top of damaging for business, it is just plain ANNOYING! 

Normally I would let this slide but I just saw EIGHT posts in a ROW on Facebook that had #hashtags and Twitter @handles. It has become such a problem for me that I am actually considering cutting the news in my feed from the people that post it. In fact, I’m going to modify my settings RIGHT now.

Do you understand…?

If you don’t, then that’s cool, shoot me an email, call me, we will get it sorted!

Freedom Tiger

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I just sent this email and I thought it was a little funny and I wanted to share…

Twitter #hashtags the best way is to watch other people and see how they use.


I tweet for a basketball team over here so every game we have a different #hashtag so people can just follow the game feed.

Every wednesday you can ask the coach #TrevorGleeson a question

Events use a #hashtag when I have an event they are always #YTTF (Your Ticket to Freedom)

General Twitter chit chat #justsaying (when making a point) #FF people you think people should follow on fridays

Yesterday I tweeted about iPhone’s or something so i used #technology

But basically it’s up to you and sometimes a #hashtag can cut out words and reiterate a #point

These #hashtags are the anchor for search topics within #Twitter

I hope I’m not overwhelming and it makes a little bit of sense.