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This week I caught up with Fabian from Mosaic Republic. Fabian has had a really interesting journey to get to where he is now. He has always been into design and culture. Originally, Fabian and his brother used to run an import furniture company, however feeling creatively unfulfilled Fabian decided to leave the business and travel for 6 months to see where life took him.

Whilst in Italy Fabian went out on a limb and applied to study mosaic at the world-renowned mosaic and terrazzo institution Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Friuli Venezia Guilia, Italy. He was very aware that it was a long shot, the course was a three year commitment and wasn’t sure if that was personally going to work for him.

However, we know the story, much to Fabian’s surprise he got in and would spend the next three years studying in Italy, geez, tough for some!

At the completion of the course, Fabian returned to Australia. He is the only Maestro qualified mosaic artist in country. Fabian houses his art alongside other talented artists in 99 Queen St, Melbourne. He is passionate about his basement gallery but also passionate about connecting with other artists and designers to create unique mosaic projects.

Here is a little more about the studio:

Mosaic Republic is Australia’s leading gallery, importer and creator of high-end mosaic art. We present exceptional Italian and locally-made mosaics that the modern architect, interior designer, business or private client can appreciate. All of our work can be crafted to your individual needs.

We offer superior expertise and advice, and clients have unprecedented access to the best mosaic artisans and studios of Italy. Each piece is tailor-made, ensuring our clients receive a something unique. We place a very high emphasis on quality, durability and attention to detail

We ensure clients receive individual service and specific advice on how mosaics can be integrated into their homes, architectural designs, religious houses and public places.

Through individual consultations, we take you from the initial idea stage right through to the completed product. 

We design, produce and install small to large-scale mosaic projects. These include:

  • architectural projects
  • artistic mosaics for the home
  • indoor and outdoor sculptures
  • feature walls
  • kitchen splash-backs
  • outdoor garden pieces
  • personalized portraits
  • fountains and water features

to name a few…

We offer a variety of mosaic artworks for private and corporate hire, ranging from traditional to modern. We also produce mosaic floors as well as undertaking restorations.

If you want to get in touch with Fabian, or want to make an appointment to see the works please email and also check out the website


Freedom Tiger


A successful connection!


At Freedom Tiger we love helping people out with their connections, whether it’s for business or in personal.

We introduced you to Helping Hoops a few weeks back. They run a basketball program for disadvantaged and disabled youth.

We received this email from Adam McKay at Helping Hoops earlier in the week and we thought it a great thing to share!

We love it when we can help in these circumstances.

Not sure who D-Mac is?

Go to to find out more about this basketball legend!

Do you ponder? Who do you need to meet? Would love to see if we can help!

Freedom Tiger

Your Ticket to Freedom

Thanks to everyone that attended the latest “Your Ticket to Freedom”

I have heard already of some solid business connections that arose within the room.

Thanks to Peter Nolle from Treadstone, Business and Government Grants for being the guest speaker.

Here are a couple of photos from the night thanks to Darkness Photography.

Do you want to come along to the next one? Do you want to be a guest speaker?

Jump on to Freedom Tiger and register!

Introducing Helping Hoops

Hello Tigers!

We just had a coffee with these guys, they are doing great stuff for hoops in Melbourne.

Helping Hoops is an independent Melbourne charity running FREE weekly basketball programs for disabled & disadvantaged youth

Adam from Helping Hoops thanking Ubaka and Dorsey from the Melbourne Tigers for their time.

Helping Hoops has been up and running for approximately two years and they are set to make big adjustments and grow in 2012. Adam McKay has got the skills to continue to bring success to the program with a background in small business growth and teaching. The program assists youth alongside their schooling to have an interest in sport, develop their skills and help them create opportunity in the basketball world.

They are a completely non-for-profit organisation who rely on Government Grants, Sponsorship and Donations to keep the wheels in motion.

If you want to find out more check out the website Helping Hoops 

We wish them luck and look forward to working with them in 2012!

Peace Out

Freedom Tiger

HONEY Speaker Series Event

Last night I strapped on my Networking boots on and screwed my financial brain into place and made my way down to Honey bar in South Melbourne. The bar held the first event of their Speaker Series, titled “Investing in Turbulent Times”.

Let’s just say I was able to fit into a few minority groups within the very busy room. I am 25 (so young), I’m a female and I am wearing a moonboot. Lucky for me, I love to stand out! You can’t let this stuff get in the way of you making new friends.

The guest speakers for the night were Andrew Stuart (co-founder of Hocking Stuart in the late 1970’s), Michael Mansfield (Senior Investment Advisot RBS Morgans) and Michael Sullivan (Senior Partner National Australia Bank).

I can’t say I have shared that sort of company for quiet a while. I was happy to learn quickly that they were actually a great group of guys and seriously know their stuff in the fields they have chosen.

I’m not going to lie many words spoken about the financial place that Australia finds themselves in and the best way to spend your coin went straight over my head. But, I did pick up a couple of tips that will help me out immediately.

I set myself two goals for the night. 1. Make sure Andrew Stuart knew who I was and what I do because how cool would it be to do Social Media for a Real Estate Agent and 2. Meet John the other owner of Honey because I really love the place and I wanted to finally meet the other half of the power team that runs the bar. Everything else on top of that was a bonus. I met some pretty smart, young 21 year old guys that are in the commerce/financial worlds, I met a well established photographer and I also met a young man that has a charity that creates positive experiences for people that are burdened with cancer.

All in all it was a good night and well done to Honey. Let’s just hope that next time there is a powerful woman on the panel!

See you at the next one. Let me know if you want to join me.

Networking – Your Ticket to Freedom – Take One

The first take of “Your Ticket to Freedom” was held on Thursday 20th October in South Melbourne at the Honey Bar. There were around 40 guests and the guest speaker was Former Premier League player, Ritchie Hinton, he now has his own agency, The Pitch Management.

Check out the photos – you can view the full range on our Facebook page.